7 Best Shopify Apps for post-purchase surveys for 2024

Amee Xu
October 25, 2023

I have worked as an e-commerce consultant for 5 years and ran my own EC store for 2. Just like any Shopify shop owner, I am constantly looking for ways to improve conversion rates and boost sales.

I have tried everything: improving ads, marketing, analyzing shop metrics, etc. However, the single most powerful and effective solution is to ask your customers & act on the feedback. Buyer feedback is priceless because it can help highlight things you don’t normally see from their perspective. It is one of the best ways to improve your CVR and boost performance.

This is why post-purchase survey apps are must-haves for Shopify e-commerce stores. It allows you to collect feedback from converting customers without disrupting the flow of purchases. You won’t risk a sale or lose a customer – the survey appears at the best time – on the checkout screen, right after payment. You don’t need to reach out to customers repeatedly – it becomes part of the checkout process that helps engage your buyer. 

**If you are already familiar with post-purchase survey tools and how to use them, please feel free to skip right to the comparison section.

Table of Contents: 

1. Shopify Survey Tool - What is it and how to use it to your advantage?

2. Shopify Survey & Feedback Applications - Examples & Use Cases

3. 7 Best Applications for Shopify Survey & polls app in 2024 (Pros & Cons) 

4. Pricing & feature comparison chart for 2024 Shopify survey & feedback apps

5. [2024] Built for Shopify - Install your app today! 

Shopify Survey Tool - What is it and how to use it to your advantage?

Shopify survey tool is a plug-in for Shopify e-commerce stores that allows Shopify merchants to quickly install and set up their own surveys that appear on the payment success page. It’s a questionnaire app that usually comes in several categories: short one-click surveys, long multi-question surveys, NPS score surveys, surveys that ask for visual feedback, etc. 

Pick the right type of survey

It is important to understand which type of survey suits your needs the best. Failing to do so may result in … well, no results. 

Think of your post-checkout page as having limited “prime real estate”. You only have the attention span of your customers for a few seconds right after they finish payment. What do you want to get the most from them? 

For most survey beginners I recommend starting with the one-click survey. Keep the question simple and easy to understand. Make sure not to overwhelm your buyers with too many answer choices. This very short survey helps lower the mental hurdle for your customers so they are more likely to complete the survey with one click. 

Multi-question surveys are suitable for gathering in-depth insight. However, shop owners tend to get “greedy” and ask too many unrelated questions. This greatly diminishes the survey response rate and doesn't end up fulfilling the purpose. A good rule of thumb is to keep the series of questions on a similar topic and offer coupons or incentives in return for survey answers. 

One step ahead of product reviews

While reviews are important for your stores, a not-so-great review can greatly affect business. I consider surveys as a pre-review buffer. It can help you gather honest feedback privately and make improvements before getting hit with a bad review. Sometimes initiating good communication humanizes your business, and showing a willingness to improve goes a long way. 

A lot of survey apps have analytics that can tell you which feedback came from which customers. By reaching out to customers based on feedback, you can establish a trusting relationship before the review hits the shelf. In my experience, taking initiative and providing good customer service almost always leads to more positive feedback. 

Shopify Survey & Feedback Applications - Examples & Use Cases

There are many interesting use cases I have observed from how my clients have used post-purchase surveys on Shopify. For the purpose of anonymity, I have used pseudonyms below.

Marketing attribution

Mary owns a Shopify store selling tea leaves for women’s health, she noticed that while she had over 5,000 visitors every month, her conversion rate only hovers around 1%. She installed a one-click marketing attribution survey that asks all her paying customers where they heard about her. The results surprised her, while most of her money & marketing effort was focused on Facebook marketing, there are more paying customers coming from Pinterest (where she was only passively posting). Mary shifted marketing efforts and managed to increase her CVR by 2%. 

NPS Score

Chidinma runs a gift shop on Shopify and wanted to know how likely her customers are to recommend her shop to others. She started with the question “How likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague?” and found that her shop earned a net promoter score of 20, which is considered good. She then works hard to establish better relationships with her repeat customers and slowly manages to raise her NPS score and conversion rate.

Purchase Intent

Sakura manages a Shopify store for postpartum nutritious meals. Since the first batch of products was made without too much user research, she wanted to understand the intention behind her customers' purchases. She asked her customers whether they bought the product intended for themselves or others, and was surprised to find more than 30% of buyers purchased the product as a gift for new mothers rather than for themselves. Sakura was able to incorporate keywords such as “gifts” or “presents” into her website and improved the SEO. She also created beautiful gift packages for nutritious meals targeting these customers. 

Multi-Question with Incentives

Tom looks after a popular site for Japanese anime goods and notices that most of his customers are purchasing via mobile phones instead of laptops. In order to understand the purchase experience of his customers on mobile, Tom devised a series of survey questions regarding the topic of mobile experience, and also an open-ended question about mobile experience improvement. Since it’s a multi-question survey, Tom has added loyalty point rewards for completing the survey and thus gaining some return customers in the process. He learned from the survey that some of the text and banners are too long on mobile, and has made improvements since, thus improving his CVR. 

Design & UX

Jane has been running her e-commerce business selling scented candles on Shopify. She decided to revamp the look of her store, but she was afraid that the new look would affect her sales. Before starting off with a big change, she conducted a 5-second visual survey where her customers were asked to rate the new design. After several rounds of surveys and improvements, she found the iterations of style that her buyers liked the most. 

7 Best Applications for Shopify Survey & Polls in 2024 (Pros & Cons)

#1 Gojiberry

Gojiberry is a Shopify survey app for e-commerce stores, ideal for post-purchase feedback. It offers a quick setup with survey templates to help capture customer feedback in a timely manner. Gojiberry can get up to a 50% response rate with the convenient 1-click survey tool and allows Shop owners to give out coupons and points incentives for survey completion. 


- Easy to set up with templates

- Have options for coupons & incentives

- Fast customer service 

- Send survey externally via link or QR

- Unlimited survey setup 

- Multi-language (English & Japanese support)

- Allows external link & QR code generation (can be attached to email or product insert)


- Fairly new app, features may not be comprehensive enough 

Price: It’s free! (as of Oct 19, 2023) 

Install Gojiberry on the Shopify App Store

#2 Census: Customer Surveys

Census survey is a post-purchase survey app used by over 50 Shopify stores to help shop owners capture actionable insights from customers via surveys tailored specifically to them.

- Has a library of survey templates to choose from 

- Unlimited survey responses 

- Brand removal (paid) 

- Pre-purchase survey (paid) 

- AI-powered suggestions 


- Can only choose to customise your survey after you paid 

- Not the easiest to use (need to copy-paste codes for certain surveys)

- Cannot test pre-purchase feature without actually paying 

Price: Has free plan, $15 (Premium Plan), ($30 Platinum Plan)

Install Census on the Shopify App Store

#3 POWR: Customer Survey | Poll

Collecting feedback from customers after they make a purchase is crucial for any online business. Powr features customizable customer surveys and feedback polls, to help Shopify store owners gain insights into various aspects of their customer’s journey. 



Price: Has a free plan, $9.99 (Starter), $17.49 (Pro), $89.99 (Business) 

Install Powr on the Shopify App Store

#4 Fuzzy

Fuzzy Surveys offer a simple way to gather valuable customer feedback to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Using the user-friendly editor, shop owners can seamlessly integrate surveys into the order confirmation process to gather insights about customers' preferences and needs. 


- Easy to set up survey with templates 

- Can export survey data 


- Has very few features & simple analytics 

- Slow customer support (according to reviews)

- No multi-question survey feature 

Price: It’s free! (as of Oct 19 2023) 

Install Fuzzy on the Shopify App Store

#5 qikify Contact Form Builder

qikify Contact Form offers transformative customer interactions through its essential features. It enables the creation of customized forms with diverse fields for easy data collection, suitable for surveys, inquiries, or wholesale requests.  



Price: Has free plan, $5.99 (Basic), $7.99 (Premium) 

Install qikify on the Shopify App Store

#6 Zigpoll

Zigpoll is a fast-loading, multilingual, and fully customizable survey app that lets you learn from your customers at just the right moments. Run post-purchase, abandoned checkout, on-site, email, and SMS surveys.



Price: Has a free plan, $10 (Basic), $25 (Standard), $100 (Pro)

Install Zigpoll on the Shopify App Store

#7 Kno

Post-purchase survey (PPS) platform that delivers valuable insights through customer surveys. Kno helps uncover customers' motivations and preferences and scale marketing channels through effective attribution. 



Price: Has free plan, $25 (Accelerator), $99 (Analyst), $249 (Pro)

Install Kno on the Shopify App Store

Pricing & feature comparison chart for 2024 Shopify survey & feedback apps

App Pros Cons Price
  • Easy to set up with templates
  • Have options for coupons & incentives
  • Send survey via link or QR code
  • Fast customer service
  • Unlimited survey setup
  • Multi-language (English & Japanese support)
  • Fairly new app, features may not be comprehensive enough
  • Doesn’t allow external survey link generation yet (under development)
It’s free! (as of Oct 19, 2023)
  • Has a library of survey templates to choose from
  • Unlimited survey responses
  • Brand removal (paid)
  • Pre-purchase survey (paid)
  • AI-powered suggestions
  • Can only choose to customise your survey after you paid
  • Not the easiest to use (need to copy-paste codes for certain surveys)
  • Cannot test pre-purchase feature without actually paying
Has free plan, $15 (Premium Plan), ($30 Platinum Plan)
  • Email alert for survey submission
  • Remove branding (paid)
  • Customer CSS / JS (paid)
  • Powr app integration (paid)
  • Limited form fields and submission
  • Difficult to install/imbed
  • Slow customer service (according to Shopify review)
Has a free plan, $9.99 (Starter), $17.49 (Pro), $89.99 (Business)
  • Easy to set up survey with templates
  • Can export survey data
  • Has very few features & simple analytics
  • Slow customer support (according to reviews)
  • No multi-question survey feature
It’s free! (as of Oct 19 2023)
  • Able to customise the different forms of display (pop-up, embed,etc)
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Can export submission
  • Integration with other mailing apps / API (paid)
  • Limited field form / limited form (free plan)
  • Cannot export submission in free plan
  • Slow customer service (according to past reviews)
Has free plan, $5.99 (Basic), $7.99 (Premium)
  • Has AI analytics tools for insight analysis
  • Has multiple language localization
  • Has various API connections that works with other APPs
  • Easy to setup and integrate
  • Responses are not counted per customer but rather per each answer across the same survey (you might need to start paying earlier than you thought)
Has a free plan, $10 (Basic), $25 (Standard), $100 (Pro)
  • Lots of survey templates and easy to setup
  • Has survey logic for more complex surveys
  • Can do custom cohorts for surveys
  • Has API integration with many popular apps
  • Kind of expensive compared to other survey apps
  • Limited questions and surveys in the free plan
Has free plan, $25 (Accelerator), $99 (Analyst), $249 (Pro)

[2024] Built for Shopify - Install your app today!

In the competitive world of e-commerce, post-purchase surveys are invaluable for Shopify store owners. They seamlessly collect customer feedback, fueling performance improvements and boosting satisfaction. By choosing the right survey type and the ideal app, you can harness the power of customer insights. Start your 2024 fiscal year strong by getting valuable and actionable consumer insights.

I recommend that you try and test out each app and find the best one for your business. Take advantage of free plans to test out different features, and choose the app that’s easy to install, has language support, and good customer service. 

This is your opportunity to elevate your e-commerce journey, improve conversions, and increase sales. 

Get your own Shopify Survey app today.

Ready to launch your Shopify store post-purchase survey? Install the Gojiberry Survey & Feedback app here.

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