Best online survey tools for in-depth feedback

Ask your customers multiple questions for deeper insights. Use our incentives features to gain up to 5x more response rate.

Multi-Question Surveys
Ask multiple questions

Do a consumer insight deep dive

With a broader set of questions, you can get a more in-depth understanding of your customers. Launch survey for online shopping to find out key insights such as customer service satisfaction, or purchase intent.
Integrate with easyPoints using Shopify Flow

Get engagement & repeat purchases with incentives

Gojiberry integrates with Shopify's coupons and 3rd-party apps like easyPoints to reward your customers for giving feedback. Keep your most loyal and engaged customers coming back to your store!

Share your survey in emails, SNS, and product inserts!

Send standalone surveys easily via links or QR codes. You can now send NPS surveys by inserting a link in your automated email. Get product feedback by printing out product inserts with a survey QR code. Also, drive more sales by putting surveys on SNS & give away incentives!
Easy to understand reports

Summary reports

(Individual reports coming soon)
Explore our summary reports for a clear snapshot of all your customers' feedback, or delve into individual answers to grasp the context behind each customer's response.