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Gojiberry is a must have Shopify survey research tool for e-commerce stores --helping Shopify store owners capture 1000+ consumer insights every day.

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Gojiberry is an intuitive survey tool that is super easy to set up, and free to get started!

1-click survey

1-Click Survey

Feedback tool with the highest response rate (up to 50%) directly embed on thank you page or can be sent via link / QR code
Multi-question survey

Multi-Question Survey

Get more indepth consumer insights & understand client satisfaction with this survey maker. Can be embed on checkout page or sent via link/QR code
5-Second Test

5-Second Test

Get engaging customer feedback on your next UIUX or product design change. Can be embed on post-purchase page or sent via link/QR code before purchase
1-on-1 Interviews

1-on-1 Interviews

Deep dive into customer satisfaction & build customer relationships with this in-depth interview scheduler


Marketing Attribution Survey

Ask customers how they find your Shopify store

Product Research Survey

Reduce cost & take away guess work when developing or sourcing new Shopify products

Purchase Intent Survey

Find out for whom your customers are purchasing for

Customer Persona Survey

Understand who your target customers are & use it to guide your advertisement & marketing

Shipping Experience Survey

Optimize shipping speed, logisitcs, and packaging. For both Shopify dropshippers & brand owners

Customer Experience Survey

Find out if your customers are happy with your customer service support


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See what our customers have been saying

After installing Gojiberry, it has become an essential tool for us. The platform is evolving really quickly, and they are adding new features almost every month. I’m excited to see how this product will evolve.
We got the survey set up quickly and easily. We’re using Gojiberry to look into improving our purchase flow and we’re getting invaluable insights from it. We’ve tried a couple other tools, but the response rate for Gojiberry’s survey is one of the the highest we’ve seen, which was one of our main concerns when looking into which app to install. Given its cost-and-return, you should definitely give it a try.
I installed this app because I wanted to run a post-purchase survey for my customers, to see how they are coming across my website. Before installing it I was sending emails to each customer to ask this question, but I've found the app makes it much easier for them to reply right away with the click of a button! (Higher conversion rate and more insight for me).
Definitely recommend this app for any e-commerce store owner, it's also very intuitive and easy to set up and use - and it has a good insights view where you can see all your responses by user as well as in summary-form.
I haven't used the 'interviews' functionality as yet, but will trial it in the future.
I recently installed Gojiberry because I wanted to learn more about my customers and I'm very happy with the results. With the post-purchase survey I can just let it run and automatically gather customer feedback without needing to do anymore work.
The installation was very straight-forward and low-effort. I didn't have to code anything, and their survey preview was clear in what my customers would experience (i.e. no negative impact on purchase flow). The survey is well designed - both visually appealing and matching my website, and not requiring any coupon incentives because it doesn't require any effort from my customers.
I knew using customer feedback was important, but when I needed help knowing what feedback I should be gathering their customer support were super helpful. I wanted to improve the effectiveness of my marketing, and they taught me about simply asking "Where did you hear about us?" to get more accurate purchase attribution data. They were right on - I didn't realize how off my Google Analytics data was!
Their customer support was fast and friendly and greatly appreciated! For everyone out there figuring out what needs improvement in their Shopify store, I highly recommend using Gojiberry!!
Wonderful application. Survey submission is one click for customers, rather than click an option then click submit. This makes is superior to other options we have found, and is the reason we have gone with this application.
We have used Gojiberry now for about a month now and all we can say is... this app has been incredible! It has helped us understand our customers better than ever before.
The team has been friendly and helpful.
10/10 recommend!
We have used Gojiberry now for about a month now and all we can say is... this app has been incredible! It has helped us understand our customers better than ever before.
The team has been friendly and helpful.
10/10 recommend!

Success Stories

Survey templates including marketing attribution, site usability, and net promoter score

Yes, we know you are super busy. So...

We made many intuitive survey templates that take only 1 minute to setup! No code required. Setup NPS survey, marketing attribution, customer statisfaction survey in just a few clicks. Save valuable time and money by working on what truly matters to your customers.

You can place Gojibery surveys everywhere! Not just for post-purchase.

Send standalone surveys easily via links or QR codes. You can now send NPS surveys by inserting a link in your automated email. Get product feedback by printing out product inserts with a survey QR code. Also, drive more sales by putting surveys on SNS & give away incentives!
Mobile-friendly post-purchase survey

Get up to 50% survey response rate

Get up to 5x survey response rate and encourage repeat purchases with coupon codes. Automatically distribute coupons as a reward for answering longer surveys.
Example of an NPS Score Survey

One of the best Shopify apps for consumer insights

Gojiberry's surveys are user tested to maximize responses at minimal cost to you, and minimal effort to your customers. Get customer feedback quickly with our tried and tested 1-click survey.

White Label Your Surveys

We understand the importance of brand consistency. That's why our Gojiberry Plus plan includes an exclusive white labeling feature. With this option, you can seamlessly integrate your surveys into your brand by hiding the Gojiberry logo.



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Gojiberry is currently free to install on Shopify! We only ask that you help us out by giving us feedback.
*Gojiberry Beta ends on June 3, 2024

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