Discovering the Power of Incentives: How Gojiberry Survey and EasyPoint Rewards Can 6.5x your Shopify Customer Feedback

Amee Xu
February 1, 2024

Addressing the Low Response Rate Dilemma

The Shopify e-commerce space is highly competitive, and effective customer feedback mechanisms are crucial for success. However, multi-question surveys in general, with their comprehensive insights, often suffer from low participation rates in comparison to the easier 1-click survey. This poses a significant hurdle for Shopify store owners seeking to deeply understand their clientele.

Introducing Gojiberry and EasyPoints: A Synergistic Solution

Gojiberry, a post-purchase survey tool tailored for Shopify stores, emerges as a frontrunner in capturing nuanced customer feedback. Its robust platform facilitates the crafting of insightful surveys that go beyond the surface, engaging customers post-checkout to gather their genuine impressions and experiences.

EasyPoints, available in Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Kingdom Shopify App Store, complements Gojiberry's capabilities impeccably. It's not merely a rewards program; it's an engagement amplifier for e-commerce. EasyPoint seamlessly weaves into a store's fabric, offering points for purchases, sign-ups, and other customer actions, driving loyalty and repeat business. Its integration into the checkout process ensures customers can easily apply their rewards, elevating the user experience and removing the friction typically associated with points redemption.

The Experiment: A Deep Dive into Data-Driven Decisions

Our case study spanned a full month, meticulously recording customer responses to surveys with varying levels of EasyPoints incentives. The point values are based on Japanese Yen, where 1 point equals 1 JPY. The findings were enlightening:

A Surprising Trend in Consumer Perception

The lack of difference between the 50p and 100p reward levels was a revelation. It suggested a threshold of incentive perception, where doubling the reward didn't equate to heightened interest. But, elevating the stakes to 150 points broke the barrier, leading to a significant surge in participation.

Strategic Insights for Shopify Store Owners

The insights for Shopify merchants are clear: for a notable increase in survey responses, 50 EasyPoints hit the mark. However, to truly catapult engagement, a reward of 150 EasyPoints or more is the key. This strategic deployment of incentives can lead to a richer understanding of customer preferences and behaviors, informing product development, marketing strategies, and overall customer experience enhancements.

Conclusion: Optimizing for Engagement and Insight

In the bustling e-commerce landscape, Gojiberry and EasyPoints stand out as a dynamic duo for customer engagement. By employing a strategic rewards system, Shopify store owners can significantly uplift their survey response rates, unlocking the full potential of customer feedback.

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