New feature release: easyPoints integration allows points to be awarded as an incentive for Gojiberry surveys on Shopify

Amee Xu
October 11, 2023

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new feature to our platform! By integrating with the popular loyalty point app easyPoints, you can now set points as an incentive for surveys on Gojiberry. Please note that this integration is currently only available in Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The benefits of this integration are as follows:

Why use points as an incentive?

Versatility: Point-based rewards offer a variety of engagement opportunities, from redeeming gifts to unlocking exclusive content.

Increased engagement: Studies have shown that participants are more likely to complete surveys when point incentives are present. In fact, our studies with easyPoints have shown that survey completion rate jumped 500% when incentive points were offered. 

Catering to all users: easyPoints allows for customizable point values and redemption offers, making it suitable for organisations of any size.

Why use easyPoints for your loyalty system?

Increase customer loyalty: Offer rewards for actions, not just feedback. Every interaction, from a purchase to a simple sign-up, is an opportunity to increase loyalty.

Seamless loyalty integration: Integrate your loyalty program seamlessly into your store design to create a smooth experience for your customers.

Increase engagement: strategically utilise bonus point events, targeted email campaigns, and point deadlines to encourage timely participation and improve user interaction.

Increase Loyal Customers: As a proven effective strategy – identifying and honouring your most loyal customers with VIP tiers to increase their lifetime value and improve ROI.

Features from this integration:

Efficient Automation with Shopify Flow: Gojiberry triggers can be easily connected to easyPoints actions using the Shopify Flow app. This reduces manual work and ensures a smooth, automated point system.

Point Count Visualization: Motivate users by displaying point counts directly in the survey UI. See first-hand how engagement increases when participants are constantly aware of the incentive.

Flexibility of Flow: In addition to points, Flow triggers can vary. By linking them to other actions and using them creatively, an infinite number of combinations are possible.

How to get started with easyPoints integration

You can set up easyPoints integration easily and quickly with this Shopify Flow template.

If you prefer to set this up manually, follow these steps

  1. Make sure both Shopify Flow and easyPoints are installed in your store.
  2. Within the Shopify Flow app, select "Create Workflow" and choose "Select Triggers".
  3. Under "Installed App Triggers," find Gojiberry and select "Survey Sent."
  4. Under Trigger Cards, select "Next" and then "Actions".
  5. In the Action list, find "easyPoints" and copy the Point Value variable and enter it in the "Point Value" field.
  6. Turn on the workflow and return to the Gojiberry dashboard.
  7. Turn on the survey and points will be awarded when participants complete the survey.

Be part of the change!

If you have any questions or feedback about easyPoints integration, our support team is always available to help.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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