Gojiberry and Hiyaku Inc. Announce Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Shopify Businesses with Powerful Customer Insights

January 26, 2024
  1. Brief Introduction of Gojiberry and Hiyaku Inc.
  2. Introduction of Gojiberry's Survey App by Hiyaku
  3. Objectives and Expectations of the Collaboration
  4. Joint Case Study Planned: Impact of Customer Insights on Shopify Businesses
  5. For Whom Is This Relevant?
  6. Conclusion 

Tokyo, Japan - Gojiberry, a leading Shopify post-purchase survey tool, is proud to announce its strategic collaboration with Hiyaku Inc., a renowned Shopify Plus partner that provides one-stop support for cross-border and domestic EC operations. This partnership is set to revolutionize the way Shopify businesses understand and engage with their customers.

The Collaboration: Hiyaku Inc. will introduce Gojiberry’s innovative survey app to its diverse clientele, providing a unique opportunity for businesses to gather valuable post-purchase feedback. This collaboration will enable Shopify store owners to gain deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviors, a crucial factor in tailoring their offerings and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Observation and Reporting: Hiyaku Inc. will closely observe and report on the outcomes of using Gojiberry's survey tool. This comprehensive analysis will highlight the tool's impact on customer engagement and business growth.

Joint Case Study: The collaboration will culminate in a joint case study, detailing the effects of customer insights on Shopify businesses. This study will serve as a testament to the power of combining Hiyaku’s expertise in e-commerce solutions with Gojiberry's proficiency in customer feedback management.

For Whom Is This Relevant?

This collaboration between Gojiberry and Hiyaku Inc. marks a significant step towards enhancing the e-commerce landscape, providing Shopify store owners with the tools and insights needed to thrive in the competitive digital marketplace.

For more information about Gojiberry and Hiyaku Inc., visit Gojiberry.app and Hiyaku-inc.com.

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