The Creation of Gojiberry’s brand

Sherry Wu
September 28, 2023

The genesis of the name “Gojiberry”

Even before we had the name of Gojiberry, we’ve always had the vision to empower people with human insights. Gojiberry became our brand name because:

We ran several naming workshops to brainstorm the name. In the workshop, we had different focuses for each round like “crazy names", “easy-to-roll-out-of-tongue”, “aligns with product vision”, etc. to help get a wide range of ideas out.

After this workshop, we had 2 final candidates: “KICT(” and “gojiberry”.

KICT was inspired by the japanese word for “listen” :聞くと, and would be cool if we had an address like (which is commonly used by tech startups).

The idea for gojiberry came randomly when I added goji berries as my topping for ice cream that weekend. Super random, right? Somehow the team liked it. And there could be opportunities for this word “goji” to turn into a verb like how “Google” is now the equivalent for search.

Then, we created mood boards based on the names to finalize the brand image. It’s a bit hard to merely compare the name itself and having a fuller image of what the brand may look like helps.

The KICT.IO brand presents a unique and engaging mood board, prioritizing the concept of "listening" as a foundational aspect of its identity. This emphasis reflects a deep commitment to understanding and responding to user needs, a critical element in the tech and business domains. The color scheme employed by KICT.IO is distinctively tech-oriented and business-like, featuring a palette that resonates with professionalism and modernity. The overall user interface design of KICT.IO is rooted in simplicity, reflecting a clear and user-friendly approach.

In contrast, the Gojiberry brand takes a distinctly different approach. It finds its inspiration in the concept of repetition, an element that echoes through its visual and interaction design.  The color scheme of the Gojiberry brand is inspired by the vibrant and diverse hues of fruits. This palette is fresh, lively, and inviting, reflecting the brand's dynamic and approachable personality.

The team favored the latter, and since brand names are easier to remember as 1-word, we decided on “Gojiberry” instead of “Goji Berry”

Designing brand assets

With the general direction decided, I explored different color combinations, shapes, and visual designs, including some failed attempts of a character…

We landed on something rounder and limited the main color scheme to pink (Gojiberry red) and green (Calyx).

I had several variations of the logo, and here are some explorations. The final logo was voted by the team:

Final brand 1-pager:

We ended up with a brand visual with simple geometric shapes and typography.

Applying our brand to marketing

We made our voice more specific with the help of a brand essence chart. The purpose of a brand essence chart is to provide a clear, concise overview of what a brand represents. It helps ensure consistency across marketing efforts and can be a valuable guide in decision-making processes related to product development, advertising, customer service, and more.

It contains 4 quadrants: What the product does for me, how I would describe the product, how the brand makes me look, and how the brand makes me feel. Then, from each of the quadrants, we extracted facts and symbols. The final keywords include: witty, intuitive, friendly, cheerful, gentle, kind, human, thoughtful, helpful, simple/copy writing intuitive interface, feminine, pink.

How did we apply those keywords in our product? Here are some examples

Easter egg: developing an internal tool that fits our brand voice. The Gojiberry Translator on chatGPT-4

Since we are developing all of our product UI and marketing materials bilingually, the need for a translation tool that fits our voice arose. Therefore, while I was learning the basics of training a personalized GPT with the newest chatGPT-4 update, I tried to build a translation tool that not only excels in accuracy but also embodies a friendly, engaging, and intuitive personality.

Infusing Personality The next crucial step was giving the Gojiberry Translator its distinctive character. We wanted it to be more than a mere translation tool; it needed to be a friendly companion in the world of language. We programmed it with attributes such as a feminine, witty, and intuitive personality, making sure it always communicated with kindness, sincerity, and cheerfulness.

Specialization in Survey Language Understanding that the Gojiberry brand often deals with surveys and user feedback, we specifically trained the translator in this domain. We included translations like '1-click survey' to 1クリックアンケート and '5-second test' to 5秒テスト, ensuring it could handle our specialized content with ease and accuracy.

Contextual Adaptability It was important for us that the Gojiberry Translator didn't just translate words but understood the context behind them. We incorporated advanced AI techniques to enable it to discern ambiguous terms and provide translations that were contextually appropriate and meaningful.

Continuous Improvement Like nurturing a plant, we regularly update and refine the Gojiberry Translator. We keep it informed of the latest language trends and make ongoing improvements to its translation abilities and personality traits. This continuous learning process ensures that the translator remains a reliable, up-to-date tool for our users.

The journey of creating Gojiberry's brand has been a fascinating blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and innovation. It will continue to evolve as our product evolves. Please stay tuned!

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