Unlock Happy Customers: How to Create Powerful Customer Experience Surveys for Your Shopify Store

Sherry Wu
April 16, 2024

Table of contents

Why Customer Experience Surveys Matter for Shopify Stores

Crafting Effective Shopify Customer Experience Surveys

Essential Questions for Your Shopify Customer Experience Survey

Free Shopify Survey Tools to Get You Started

Beyond the Survey: Taking Action on Customer Feedback

Why Customer Experience Surveys Matter for Shopify Stores

In the competitive world of e-commerce, keeping customers happy is key to success. Customer experience surveys for Shopify stores offer a powerful tool to gather valuable feedback and directly connect with your audience. Here's how they can benefit your business:

Crafting Effective Shopify Customer Experience Surveys

Define Your Goals and Target Audience: What do you want to learn? Who are you surveying?

Are you gauging satisfaction of your website, or seeking specific feedback on the shipping portion?  Knowing your goals allows you to tailor questions that provide insights relevant to your objective. Additionally, consider who you're surveying.  Are you targeting recent purchasers, or reaching out to a broader customer base? Understanding your target audience helps ensure your questions resonate with their experience.

Keep it Short and Sweet: Focus on a few key questions for higher completion rates.

Attention spans are short online, so aim for a concise survey with 3-6 core questions. A lengthy survey risks overwhelming respondents and leading to drop-off before completion. Focus on the most critical information to gather valuable feedback without sacrificing completion rates.

Offer Multiple Answer Formats: Include a mix of multiple-choice, NPS, and open-ended questions.

Variety keeps things engaging and caters to different response styles. Utilize a mix of question formats:

These question formats are all available on Gojiberry.

Consider the Timing of Your Survey: 

The optimal time to send your survey can significantly impact response rates. Here are two common approaches:

Essential Questions for Your Shopify Customer Experience Survey

Overall Satisfaction: How satisfied were you with your overall shopping experience?  

This broad question sets the tone for the survey and provides a general gauge of customer sentiment. Analyze the responses to identify areas where customers are consistently happy or frustrated.

Product Quality: Did the product meet or exceed your expectations? 

Understanding how your products stack up against customer expectations is vital.  Positive responses here indicate you're delivering on your promises.  Negative responses are an opportunity to improve product quality or adjust product descriptions to better manage expectations.

Website Usability: How easy was it to find the products you were looking for on our website? 

A user-friendly website is essential for a smooth shopping experience. This question helps identify any navigation issues or confusing product listings that might be hindering customer journeys.

Checkout Process: How smooth and secure was the checkout process?  

A seamless checkout experience is key to converting website visitors into paying customers. This question helps pinpoint any obstacles or friction points during checkout that might be causing cart abandonment.

Open-Ended Feedback: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience?  

Open-ended questions offer valuable space for customers to elaborate on their experiences, both positive and negative.  This qualitative data can reveal unexpected insights and opportunities to improve that wouldn't be captured by close-ended questions.  By providing this space, you demonstrate that you value their voice and are committed to continuous improvement.

Free Shopify Survey Tools to Get You Started


Delighted makes it simple to automatically send surveys to customers after an order is fulfilled. Retain your customers: Measure and act on signals of customer loyalty using Delighted's range of survey options. Resolve pain points: Delighted's reporting makes it easy to understand key customer pain points and product feedback so you can quickly act! Delighted offers 40+ integrations, making it simple to layer customer feedback into eCommerce tools like Klaviyo, Zapier & Slack.


Fairing (previously EnquireLabs) gives you more actionable consumer insights in a week than most survey tools produce in a year. Deploy survey questions inside your post-purchase experience, append each response to your customer’s order data and use the insights across your marketing stack. Get proprietary data on attribution, personalization, CRO, competitive research and get to kno w your customers. Create a "how did you hear about us?" post purchase survey and improve your marketing ROI.


Gojiberry is a must-have Shopify survey app for your e-commerce store. Our easy-setup survey templates (ie. marketing attribution, NPS, etc) let you launch within a minute! Get high response rate with our 1-click survey tool. Send surveys using link/QR code via email or product inserts. Understand where your customers come from and identify the products that will increase their satisfaction. Use our analytics to optimize marketing spend and conversion rate.

Beyond the Survey: Taking Action on Customer Feedback

Gathering valuable customer feedback through surveys is just the first step. To truly unlock the power of this information, transforming insights into action is key. Here's how to make the most of your customer experience survey results:

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